Anti-SDF Paris Tokyo アンチホームレス 東京パリ

東京 (2006年) Tokyo (2006)

A man has a hard time getting a break on this partitioned, forward-leaning bench at Tokyo’s Ueno Onshi park.
©2006 Yumiko Hayakawa

Left: A man tries to sleep on a deliberately shortened bench at the park. Right: protrusions prevent visitors from lying down on potentially makeshift benches.
©2006 Yumiko Hayakawa

The hard curved surfaces of this stainless-steel bench, too hot in summer, too cold in winter, repels all but one visitor to Ikebukuro West Park.
©2006 Yumiko Hayakawa

One cannot sit on these colorful “artistic” objects, strategically placed to give the impression that one can rest but having the opposite function.
©2006 Yumiko Hayakawa

Shibuya’s Wave no Hiroba Plaza.
©2006 Yumiko Hayakawa

These seemingly innocent penguin and dolphin “statues” are designed to repel rather than attract in Shibuya-ward.
©2006 Yumiko Hayakawa

“Le Repos du Fakir” de Gille Paté et Stéphane Argillet (2003)

「ファキールの休息」 監督=ジル・パテ&ステファン・アーギレ (2003年)

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